Wednesday, December 2, 2009

dreams - another random post

drinking coffee.

catching up on friends' blogs.

wishing i could write a blog too. blogging isn't coming as easily to me as it used to. maybe it's the hiatus. maybe it's just that kind of season.

Last night I dreamed I was hiking through Africa with Duvick and Steve (one of my best friend's ex boyfriend from highschool - weird- and I'm not even kidding). As I was trying to keep Duvick away from Rhino and Alligators (::ahem::) Crocodiles while trying to give him the opportunity to drink lots of water while we were so lucky to have a source, i was attacked by a alligator crocodile - and I could feel it's teeth in my skin - and Steve did nothing - and I woke up before it drowned me. (apparently i've been away from africa too long to remember that there are no alligators in hunny is so sweet to remind me)

I used to dream in Africa almost exclusively while we lived there and at least 3 or 4 months after we got back. My dreams usually consisted of beating the African elements while taking care of my sweet orphans. Usually we were running from lions or drunken men.

These last 2 years I've dreamed in Starbucks. Calling out drinks, opening the store, etc... Landon  used to tell me the drinks I had called out in my sleep the next evening at dinner. ha! funny. I hated that though - dreaming with my blood pounding in a morning rush and then waking at 3:30am hardly rested, going in to brave the cold  , and another morning rush - it was never ending.

But now.... my dreams are scattered. I do dream about my work day with sponsorship sometimes. I dream about hiking through the wilderness. I dream about friends and family (and friends' ex-boyfriends, evidently). But my life is a bit more chill these days. and so are my dreams.


Brooke Hereth said...

sorry you dreamed about that! atleast you did not die. i have dreams all the time about lions getting me and they jump right in my face and the dream ends. i think i die! :) sorry about your dreams. just ask GOD to help you have good dreams! k? bye hannah!

Merritt said...

oh hannah - just wait til you are pregnant! dreams are so much more vivid and intense! i get chased or followed several nights a week!!!