Wednesday, December 9, 2009

the war with the alarm

(photo by francis paraan)

listening to Landon's alarm(s) going off. Landon sets his two alarms five minutes apart and hits snooze as long as it takes to get him out of bed. So each morning, i usually hear his alarms A LOT. sometimes he hits snooze for an entire hour.

Poor guy; this week he is working from morning light until well past midnight. He has found himself amidst final papers and exams as well as "Holiday" end-of-the-semester dinners. Come next Monday, he will emerge into a month of FREEDOM!!! yay! But until then, the alarm clock beckons him from the flannels as he tries his hardest to open his eyes, and ultimately, succumbs to sleep still.

I have turned on the area heater in his office (there are no heating vents that go to the bottom level of our bi-level and it is about 15 degrees cooler down there), have the tea kettle roaring, and am about to go wake him up with kisses....again.

Good luck to many of you dear friends who are amidst final exams - you have almost reached a time of respite - just push on a little longer! you can do it!


doons said...

it is a fierce battle. too bad i always lose.

Hannah said...

you emerge victorious......eventually

aaron said...

ha - sara has very similar issues. only thing is that i am usually still in bed. On the other hand, I have learned to ignore alarms going off at 4:30 and 5 and other absurd times of the day.

Brooke Hereth said...

poor Landon!