Thursday, December 3, 2009

Little Miss Quirky

Lately, I can't help but notice these little quirky things about me. A few years ago, Lindsay tagged me to blog about my quirkiness, of which i never did, because i couldn't think of anything about me that was quirky enough to be endearing. And of the quirky things that aren't endearing, well, i wanted to keep those between me and whoever is unfortunate enough to notice them.

but now i guess i'll share:

(yes, that is an artichoke heart behind my ear)

I am Quirky:
1. I like to sit in the same seat every time i fly on an airplane. The window seat behind the exit row. I always opt to choose my own seat when buying tickets, and i choose that one. I don't know, I just like it.
2. I smile every time i crawl into bed at night.
3. I can't put my mascara on without opening my mouth into a big "O" - always been this way
4. I am not very competitive. Except when it comes to playing cards with my husband. I've been known to scream of frustration. Well, and I almost got in a fight with a lady playing soccer a few years ago - and I would have if i was fast enough to catch her!
5. I'd take cold weather over warm weather any day.
6. When i was a little girl i thought that i would be famous some day. I think deep down, i'm still waiting for fame
7. I miss Africa. Every. Single. Day.
8. I am a morning person. I hate laying in bed if i am not asleep. I have more motivation to wake at 7 so that i have an hour to hang out before work than get an extra hour of sleep and dive right into work at 8. I'd much rather have a relaxing morning, it's worth an hour less of sleep, definitely!
9. Cheese is my favorite thing. If you're at a loss of what to buy me for Christmas - think cheese.
10. I'm extremely self-conscious about my song writing. I don't mind singing for you, but if you want to hear one of my songs....
11. I get scared easily and i'm not really fond of fear.
12. I can't sit still. If i was born in a generation that diagnosed ADHD, i'm sure I would have had it.
13. I actually enjoy cooking these days. I really think it is an act of God that he has changed my heart! I used to hate and dread cooking the first 3 -4 years of my marriage. And I've gotten much better at it.
14. I get very frustrated whenever i am in a bathroom that doesn't have those electric hand dryers. i hate to watch the trash cans overflowing with paper towels that are barely wet. I consider us a paper-less family. I want to clean messes with towels, use cloth napkins, cloth grocery bags, and wrap sandwiches in cloth napkins. The other day, Landon asked me to buy paper towels at the grocery store. i told him no. He said, "Don't worry, I can use paper towels - I'll make up for it in toilet paper." Ha! What an awful wife. My sweet husband has to barter his toilet paper in order to receive permission to use paper towels. He must REALLY want those paper towels. I started the free-range diet in support of him, he's been doing a pretty good job in humoring my cloth napkin, cloth grocery bag, no wasted paper/plastic rules. But i guess he has to draw the line somewhere.
15. I'm non-confrontational to the extreme. When Landon and I were dating and he wanted to "talk" over dinner, i wouldn't eat a thing. Confrontation makes me literally sick. Pathetic. So please never prep me for a confrontational conversation, I'll be in a worrying fit until the big moment. Just come out and surprise me with your rage and contempt. I can handle that better.
16. Mountains nurture my soul. Without them, i am quite literally lost (which way is west again?)
17. Pet peeves: buying bottled water (what a waste!), when my neighbors put their trash can on the curb a couple days early and leave it there until the weekend, when people lie to me to be nice, rudeness, vanity(especially when i see these in myself), sitting in traffic, humidity, pop-country, Hannah Montana, corporate greed.
18. I love the smell of dirt, rain (landon says that rain smells like dirt - but i don't think so), snow, fire, decaying leaves, Ponderosa pines, patchoulli (sp?), and cold mountain mornings.
19. Easter is my favorite holiday.
20. Deuteronomy is my favorite book in the Bible.


Lindsey said...

You gonna use cloth diapers when that special day comes?

Brandon and Callie said...

yay for cloth diapers :)
and i love you, hannah, but we may have to live in seperate climates for the rest of our lives!

Brooke Hereth said...

all i have to say is HAHA! i hate HANNIE MONTANIE!!! urgggg! love ya hannah!

Sara said...

Always love reading your blog hannah, but i don't think 19 and 20 are quirks. Aren't those just normal things to have as favorites? I think it's quite ok that your favorite holiday is one of resurrection and Deuteronomy has a lot of good stuff in it!

The Jardons said...

Amen with you on #5... what's the point of hot weather? And #7 but with Serbia for me : ) And for sure #8 I used to willingly wake up at 5:30 AM on school days so I could get an extra hour or so just to myself... and you have to read this poem by Max Lucado, to me it is the heart of my alone time in the morning ( And last note is on #18 born and raised in Oregon I LOVE THE SMELL OF RAIN there is nothing like it! especially if grass is cut shortly after the rain has landed mmmm mmm capture that in a candle for me please : )

Hannah said...

thanks for your comments, girlies:

linds, prob. will use cloth diapers - unless my kid is in daycare, which is very possible.

sara, i'm glad you don't think 19 and 20 are not quirky, deut is awesome.

andrea - i'm glad we have so much in common! and that excerpt by Max Lucado is AWESOME! thanks for sharing!

Callie, i was afraid of this reality once i started to get to know you and you didn't want to move to chicago for school. but i think that colorado is a happy medium - it is SO hot there in the summer and cool enough for me at winter time. we could be happy in CO together, right?

and brookie - you are so sweet beyond words - thanks for your reading and your comments! hope to see you at christmas time!

Erin said...

On Firefox there is no copy. This post has white on white letters yesterday. Today everything is black and no copy. Kind of weird.

Hannah said...

yikes! thanks, erin, for letting me know. is it better now?

Charles said...

The simple truth of the matter is that cloth diapers are a PITA when compared to disposables and disposables keep you baby drier