Saturday, January 3, 2009

Last year i made a list of 3 things i wanted to accomplish for 2008. I thought if i would post them here then i would have pressured myself enough to go through with them. I guess i couldn't run a half-marathon in october since my ankle was in a cast and i actually did find some "hannah time" for a few months before it went to pot - but no excuses, when it comes to actually ACCOMPLISHING those things, I didn't do any of them. NOT ONE.

This year is one with so much promise and hope. In May we are leaving Illinois. Our lease is up at the end of the month. Landon has applied to 8 PhD programs around the country. By Aprilish we will receive our new marching orders. Landon and i have narrowed the selection of schools down to schools with excellent philosophy of religion prgrams which are also near places that provide "recreational enjoyment" - which we have discovered is a huge priority for us.

Two years ago we were at this place - waiting to hear back from schools, excited about where we might move to, wondering about our future. and i like it. i like change. i'm excited to leave some of our furniture behind. i'm excited at the hope that we may be nearer family. maybe some place with bluer skies, less mosquitos, and wide open spaces.

Well friends, i am sorry that i have neglected this blog these last few weeks - i have been enjoying my time with friends and family so very much that i have not taken the time to post here, check my email, facebook, and everything else i am usually pretty good at. but no worries, i will be back in illinois this next week and after some grocery shopping and early mornings at starbucks, i will be back to spending way too much time online.

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Maryn Hill said...

miss you already = (