Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas at home

It's Christmas morning. I've been up early every day since i got here (colorado - HOME!!!) I'm used to being up early and i just don't want to waste any moments of sleep when i could be enjoying myself and enjoying my family. so i'm the only one awake right now again. i really should be sleeping because i got a cold a few days ago. that always happens when i get home. i think it's because i finally let down my adrenaline and my worries and busyness which keep me going steady and just relax - and somehow when my body and heart and mind relax, my immune system takes a vaca also. oh well. i don't really care - i'm home.

landon and i always try to cram colorado adventures into our family time here. we've been rock climbing and cross-country skiing so far. i've mostly just been testing my ankle to see if it'll stay together - it did.

my parents house looks like a Christmas catalog inside and out - not kidding. they have an attic that my father built in the garage JUST for Christmas decorations. it takes them 2 entire, complete 8 hour days to put up all decorations. it is just amazing. the whole house is transformed. it is beautiful.

we went to see "Jersey Boys" in downtown Denver which was wonderful. landon wore a bow-tie - LOVE THAT! and i wore my sister's clothes - really love that!

I just heard santa slide down the chimney, so i'm gonna go get him some coffee and see if i can go grab a peak. don't tell!

love you. miss you. hoping that your Christmas is so joyful - how else can we respond to the gift of God-made-flesh for our sakes with his great love? We will be celebrating with much joy! I hope you will too!

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