Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas around the house

enjoying the last of the home-made jalapeno jelly over cream cheese with snowflake Ritz.
My grandmother made these for me last year - my very own gingerbread men. She and my mother both hang them over a door frame in their homes. mine is over our sink.
my creation for this Christmas (see next picture).
I rented a book with tons of do-it-yourself-for-cheap ideas for Christmas decorating. some were pretty stupid or obsessive, but i like this one. I usually retire these flower boxes in the winter, but this year i created these great little boxes full of greenery, pinecones, pearl berries and red glitter twiggy things. i really like how they turned out. if only they had lights in them. i also wrapped our little pine trees with pearls.
our "hearth". landon's stocking from when he was born. mine is sort of lame. i'll make myself one someday when i know how to knit or sew or something. love the garland. and i'm still enjoying the weed bouquet from the wetlands.

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Sara said...

yay! So fun to see all the pictures and have real pictures from my head as well of what it all looks like!