Saturday, December 6, 2008

Our first time in the snow!

This was a big day. I woke for work and was the first person to drive through my neighborhood - i could tell because the roads were not plowed and they were covered with about 2 inches of snow. it's fun to make the first tracks - but i also felt a little sorry for myself - i beat the snow plows out of bed. ha!

the snow hasn't stopped today. and it's been a beautiful day! the sun has permeated the clouds to turn the snow golden for brief moments throughout the day. the snow is falling slowly and thin, so we aren't clobbered with tons of snow or anything. but finally enough to go skiing!

Landon racing the train through the woods!
i'm lovin' it!
this was a big day. we were wondering how the good 'ol ankle would hold up. i haven't done anything active since i broke my ankle in the middle of august. i can finally go through an 8 hour day at starbucks on my feet and come home without it completely swolen and throbbing. i am still healing and am so grateful! we are planning on doing a lot of skiing and i want to start running again in january (per my doctor's5 month restriction). so this was a test. it was great! i didn't fall at all - i think getting up from a fall would be difficult on my ankle on skis, but maybe not. the only thing that was difficult was that my ski boots put a lot of pressure on the most sensitive (to the touch) parts of my ankle. so after 2 miles i was definitely relieved to get them off. we'll see how i continue to heal in this next month. we are planning a 3 day cross country ski trip into the Colorado mountains in 28 days. hopefully by then i can go for multiple miles in high altitude with no problems.
Landon and the Duves skiing through the woods.

What a beautiful day! The snow isn't deep enough for the snowmobilers to have access to the trail yet, so we really enjoyed skiing without dodging those crazy guys - and they really tear apart the trail. The snow was nice, the trail was nice, skiing was GREAT and it was a wonderful time together after a couple of crazy buys weeks.

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