Wednesday, December 3, 2008


We have had our first snow! Monday morning i woke to a winter wonderland. Of course, if I had to work and wake at 3:30 Monday i wouldn't have enjoyed the snow nearly as much!! It's official - Christmas has my permission to come upon us. We have snow. And one thing i learned about Illinois winters last year - this snow will probably be here until the end of March at least. So now that we have this beautiful snow and the temps the last few days stay in the twenties, we're pretty sure to have a white Christmas. This snow isn't goin' anywhere. And possibly it will snow again today! yay!

Some funny things... when it snows, our drive-thru at Starbucks becomes a nightmare. Most customers don't roll their windows down all the way. Just some FYI for y'all - we have cameras and can see you. I watch our customers straining in their seats to position their mouths so that they can talk through a tiny crack in their window. Those are the nice ones. the others just crack it a bit and talk normally and we have to ask them to drive to the window to order because we can't hear them - and have to make their drink "on the fly" which puts everything out of order and slows us down considerably. jerks. and when we hand them their drink, they still won't roll the window down so they try to get a 6 in cup through the 4 inches of open window. there it is on the concrete - "i am so sorry, let me make you another one!" arrrr.

it's funny when windows are frozen. many of our customers have to open their doors to order and pay and receive their drinks. i hope that they are the ones who dropped their drinks last time. is that mean?

and we get car accidents in our drive-thru during the winter. How is the snow plow supposed to plow the drive-thru when there are people always sitting there since early in the morning? I always arrive to work before the snow plow so my car is usually boxed. by the time i'm done with work i have to shovel my car out of its parking spot. between getting my car out of the driveway in the morning and then shoveling it out of my parking spot at work, i'm grumbling at the snow by the time i get home, cold and wet.

but on those days where the snow is simply beautiful and enabling us to enjoy our winter sports and the slowing down of people and the world, i just love it.

landon's applying to a school in phoenix next year. i hear that phoenix is nice. but i just can not imagine starting our family there - how can my children understand the wonder of winter without snow? they just can't. you just can't. i don't think i could live somewhere without snow for more than a couple of years. i've spent two winters snow-less (Cali. and Kenya) and i definitely survived. but i really did miss the joy that the snow brings.


em said...

that's why you should come to the NW :) we get occasional snow and at least it would be cold-ha!

Brandon and Callie said...

but you can only live somewhere else until Brandon and I move back to Colorado at the end of school...then you must come back to us:)

Hannah said...

Callie my greatest hope is to move back to CO too!!! and if that doesn't work out, the pacific NW is my next most favored option. So, hopefully i'll see you or both you and Em in the next few years!