Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy 27 Doons!!

Yesterday we celebrated Landon's 27th birthday.

For me, birthdays are significant - well, just another "testimony of time" I alluded to in my previous post. Celebrating the life of the one person that has brought me the greatest joy and blessing in my life - what a joy that i can not really articulate or even understand. not to get too carried away, but i just love when his birthday rolls around and i get to consider how he has grown into the man that he is and i see God's amazing work in molding my husband into the amazing man that he is. God has given him such drive and passion for things that he cares about which are so unique - i think. and i am daily inspired and challenged by him.
I'm so grateful that his Dad put the chains on the car tires that morning to brave the fluke blizzard of 82 in Atlanta so that my husband would have his grand entrance into the world! I'm so grateful that his parents lovingly invested into him and supported his Christian education and led by example what it is to have a wonderful marriage and a love for family and God. I'm so grateful that his 3 older siblings picked on him to no end (though merritt's rumored to have been a perfect angel) - so that he could be independent and witty and strong. and i'm grateful that God has walked beside him in the hard times and taught him to trust in Him so that my husband could lead us through this life as he continues to trust God daily. I am so grateful for the people and events and God that have brought him to this place: currently sitting in his study reading for his thesis, in my house, in my life, in my heart. And i know that he is itching for the wild that he is and desires, and i know that he will find it again, but for now he is reading in his PJ's in a tiny little yellow house in the flat lands of the mid-western United States on the day that our nation has received our first black president.

Happy birthday.


Anonymous said...

Hannah, this is so sweet!

Anna said...

I know where Patrick get's his knack for dress I guess.

Merritt said...

i love those old pictures hannah! and it wasn't a rumor - i was an angel!