Thursday, January 15, 2009

Today: the coldest day in more than a decade

is what is expected for Chicago. Wind chills of up to -40 degrees. and i have the day off of starbucks. i don't have to go anywhere except here. and i feel like it's about stinkin' time and i'm so glad that i got to sleep in today. (YAYAY!)

(my mom sent this video to me a few years ago and i have thought of it on several occasions these last few days - hilarious 40 second video)

Duvick is an "outside" dog, as you know. but when weather gets cold like this, he's on a rotation: 30 minutes outside at a time and then long enough time inside for him to de-thaw, which probably should only be 30 minutes, but a lot of times i forget about him and just let him sit here until he starts licking my hands or wining at the bedroom door wanting landon to wake up (of which he is currently doing). As long as he's sweet and not annoying he usually gets some good time in the house. but that reminds me that it's about time to let him back out.

Even Landon said that yesterday if you would have let your skin be exposed to the air for 10 minutes you could have gotten frost-bite. sheesh! it has snowed most every day this last week and has been very windy these last few days. and i like it. i like winter weather. i don't like it when the weather is sissy - give me snow and give it to me in heaps and enough wind for a white-out. if it's going to snow, then let it SNOW!


Brandon and Callie said...

that video is awesome! love it. and i'll be thinking of you and i enjoy our unusual week of sunshine:)

Anna said...

The video is hilarious!

Kristen said...

That video is so funny. I watched it and laughed out loud, then made my husband watch it and we laughed pretty hard. Hope you don't freeze!