Friday, January 9, 2009

where's the fire?

enjoying an amaretto sour this evening. mmmmmm. yesterday's post is more appropriate for today as we were bombarded by snow this morning and are expecting more tonight. i love it! plus, we really missed out on snow while we were in colorado - we had many days that were well above freezing - perfect rock climbing weather, but we had to drive quite a ways to find places to cross country ski - last year we just skied down the front driveway and through the neighborhood. i like the snow.

for Christmas my uncle and aunt bought me a fire pit. this is my dream!!! i've been wanting one so badly this last year and am so excited to enjoy it! last night landon made home-made pizza and a cal zone on his new pizza plate, we drank some of dad's homemade beers, and then went out in the back and landon used some fire water to get the party started. we had so much fun roasting marshmallows for s'mores and smokin' patty-backs. great, great night. i hope we can have a repeat often.

today was my first day back at's been about 3 weeks! i've really enjoyed the time off (of COURSE) and forgot how difficult it is to get my body in the swing of these early mornings. i'm exhausted today. at least we'll be getting more snow tonight, so we should have a slow saturday morning...i'm hoping...i could use a chill day.

now that i'm back home and have returned to my busy lifestyle, i don't really feel like i ever left - isn't that the sad thing about vacations? they too quickly become a faint memory. maybe that's a good thing...

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