Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dungeon development

This weekend one of my old college buddies is stopping by on her way from CO to CA. She is an amazing musician and is on tour from her hometown to our old college stomping grounds - Los Angeles. I haven't seen her since my wedding day, so I'm thrilled that she is coming! As she is our first house guest in our new house, I was working today to prepare our dungeon for her arrival.
Welcome to the Dungeon

I have most everything in place, except the room was still completely exposed. Since there is no door (c'mon, let's not get carried away with a door when there isn't even a ceiling or steps or walls or anything...), I needed to put up a privacy curtain. 

So I went to my local thrift store and found an old sheet to toss together a curtain.
With Curtain!

 I perused the isles for quite awhile looking for a something to makeshift a swag rod (is that even what they're called). I eventually found something that I thought would work great!


That's right, it's a fork. 
And it can just slide off of the nails when not in use. 

Landon's not too thrilled with the idea of a curtain at the top of the dungeon stairs, so I had to put something together that is completely removable. Both the curtain and the curtain swagger-jigger will be removed when guests are not here. 
It's not totally awesome. It's completely ghetto, actually. But I'm proud of myself for putting this together for $2.20. ($2.00 - bed sheet; .20 - fork)

Come one, come all (well maybe not all - we only have a double bed, after all), we are officially ready for you to spend your weekend with us. We are open for both climbing season and ski season. Open invite!


Merritt said...

you're so crafty hannah! and absolutely hysterical!

Brandon and Callie said...

i agree, super crafty! i love it!

Courtney said...

i think that's a great idea! If ever I have a dungeon to cover up for visitors, I am going to use the same idea! Way to go Hannah!

Anna said...

I love your curtain and the fork is terrific! Did you make the fork or did you buy it bent?

Hannah said...

thanks girls! and anna, i bought the fork in perfect condition and bent it with my super woman hands! haha!

doons said...

Hannah bent the fork part-way with her hands, and then I bent it the rest of the way with my mind.

Kori said...

Fabulous idea! Love the look. Found you on the Shabby Nest. :)

Brooke Hereth said...

crafty nafty! hahaha.

lalaine said...

How resourceful!Very cool idea, even how the fork slides off when not in use!