Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Genuine H2O

I have a soap box that is just for bottled water and I've been debating what to do with it today. I think that this video might do an adequate enough job.

I recently bought a PUR water filter pitcher at my thrift store for $2 because Salt Lake City water tastes gross - I even spit it out of my mouth in the shower - blech. Getting a water filter and reusable bottles is pretty cheap.

If you must buy plastic containers think buying in bulk. Like buying large 3 gallon container of water to refill your water bottle instead of purchasing a rack of 30 individual bottles. Buy the larger tub of yogurt instead of the little single-serving packets - that kind of thing. When Landon's parents came to visit last fall i bought a couple huge jugs of water for my mother-in-law. She drinks only water and has a pretty specific palate for it. We are still using those jugs. It is smart to have a huge jug of water in your car in case you ever get stranded somewhere (especially in the winter). And we take them with us on road trips and camping trips.

Finding another use for a container is ALWAYS better than recycling. Reuse, reuse, reuse!


Sarah said...

I agree! We haven't purchased bottled water in years and it feels great! Right now I'm interested in those rain-catcher barrels for collecting water for our garden.

Hannah said...

sarah, it's great to hear from you! That a great idea for you all since you guys get a bit of rain up there!

Erin S. said...

So glad you shared this video. I did a water resources program for children for about eight years. I felt like I was talking and singing to the deaf. Everyone believed tap water was toxic. Yet, bottled water, when tested often reveals mold and carcinogenic crud. Bottled water has no FDA regulations (because most of it comes from a tap).

Clean water is the most valuable resource on the planet. And the water treatment and infrastructure funding for water and waste water are of the utmost importance.

Storm water is a huge polluter and we must get smarter about cleaning that up. It carries oil from the roadways, pesticides from yards, and a large amount of toxic stuff. Kids love to play in storm water run off. It is dangerous stuff.

I love that the word is getting out. Nice work here.

doons said...

oh yeah, and don't wear makeup or shower or brush your teeth either!


Brooke Hereth said...

i am green. i started going green last year! we RECYCLE!!!!! ; )