Monday, August 16, 2010

The Seasons

Today is the first day of school for many. Landon has teacher training this week and officially starts his own classes next week. It feels like this week is the final hoorah of summer. Last week we had our first day of not needing the swamp cooler on all day, and when we were climbing the wind was chilly, and now I'm receiving a hopefulness of fall. But who am I joking? Fall doesn't pop around for quite awhile still. But I can dream upon it.

I love autumn. Landon and I put our seasons in order from favorite to least favorite last night as he was tucking me in to bed. Fall was on the top of both of our lists. I just love the colors, the scents, the respite from the summer heat, the first snow, pulling out the winter woolens and sweaters and overalls and socks with sandals and warm breakfasts, and watching movies in blankets and all those wonderful things that lead up to winter minus the freezing cold. I love fall. Landon loves fall because (and i quote): "it's the best climbing season". Still a good reason, although I was seriously surprised that climbing season ranks above ski season, but I have a feeling that once he's hitting freshies he'll want to realign his seasons. Although we also both agreed that we love every season and although fall is obviously best, we wouldn't want to miss out on any season! I love seasons in the Rockies - they are so defined and each so unique and beautiful!

the unfortunate irony of this post is that we have seen a high of 95 today

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Brooke Hereth said...

its at 66 degrees at night here :(