Monday, August 23, 2010


Today my hunny was awake at 7am - a workin' man.

He worked late into the night last night preparing for today - his first day back to school. This morning at 8am he greeted 31 students and welcomed them to the frightening and exciting world of Philosophy of Religion. . Those undergrads are so lucky to have him for their teacher! And I'm sure that some of those young ladies are looking forward to this semester - what a hottie for a teacher!

 Almost immediately after he left the dungeon started flooding. I'm working on that mess right now.

Anyways.... today feels monumental. We are back into the school year. For Doons, the next 9 months will be full of Loooong days (and even longer nights!). I am still looking for jobs. I had an interview last week, of which I received a call promptly the next day informing me that I will not move on in the interview process - I was so grateful for the next-day response! This morning I had a phone interview for the Salt Lake City school district and tomorrow I have a group interview at Uinta Brewing Company. Wednesday school starts and hopefully I will get some subbing gigs soon. Otherwise, Sponsorship is very busy in the fall and I'm so grateful to still be working with my precious program, even it if is only part time.

This post is supposed to be about the Man - oops. Here are pictures of his latest craft:
Our detached garage - we love it.

getting a little creative here

Trying to be quiet with the tools at 10:30p

The finished project.
I don't remember what this is called - a "crimp board" maybe. Or maybe not, it's just what I think of, with this inverted super thin boards to work on your climbing skills when you're not at the crag. I can't even do it at all. I'm too weak.