Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Indy Princess Alert Southwest Tour in Salt Lake City

I had so much fun with my girl, even if it was just a short while. Gia and Katy (Bearkat) were so sweet and such AMAZING musicians. Giannina and I used to jam together in college, which was easy and fun. Now she is a professional musician and has really grown as a singer, writer, player, and performer. I was so proud of her!!! The girls showed up at a local open mic and each got to play one song in a long list of 15 others. They blew everyone over with their talent!!! They were receiving marriage proposals and people were asking them for CDs. The house even decided to pass around a hat for their "road money" since they are traveling musicians. They seriously were that good.

give Katy a little listen
Hear more here

give Gia a listen
Hear more here

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