Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Awkward Conversations

I've had some pretty interesting interactions lately:

(photo by Tota Odds)

Last week, I was taking Duvick for a walk to 7-11 to return our redbox movie. On our way back, around 9:00 pm an old lady with her hair in a mess wearing her bathrobe spoke to me as I walked past her yard. She was watering her flowers. "My dog died today," she said.
I kept walking and respond, "that is so sad - I am very sorry."
She said, "it is sad. my other dog died last week."
At this I stopped walking. "Are you okay?"

This woman proceeded to talk to me for awhile. At first I wondered if she was just a crazy person. After all, who begins a conversation (in a bathrobe at 9pm) with a perfect stranger by telling them that her pet has died? As I spoke to her, I noticed her next door neighbor sitting on his front porch videotaping people as they walk by, video taping me actually... I left with Debbie's phone number and a business card for her veterinarian. Apparently they are the best in town - they even cremated her second dog for free.

(photo by eduard titov)

Last week I answered my work phone, "Hello, you have reached ACSl, this is Hannah. Can I help you?" That's my always response. At least I don't answer, "Welcome to your Gurnee drive-thru Starbucks, what are you drinkin'?" like I sometimes did accidentally back in the day.

"After a little pause, a man asked, "is Tonya Harding there?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, can you repeat that please?"

"I need to get in touch with Tonya Harding please."

At that, I started cracking up and told him that there was no Tonya Harding at this number.

"Isn't this Colorado Springs?" he pleaded. "Yes, yes, but no Tonya."

"Look, I admit that this sounds odd, but I really need to speak to Tonya Harding. I think she works in member certification."

"I'm sorry sir, let me see if I have her listed on my sheet of in-house extensions."oops. "I deeply apologize. Tonya is extension 251. I am so sorry, I thought you were performing a prank call."

He seemed to be an understanding sort of man. After that I didn't answer any phone calls for the rest of the day.

Thanks for hangin' on if you're still reading these...

(photo by see seven dog)

A few days ago my next door neighbor stopped by. She and her husband seem really cool and we've talked about getting together for dinner or something some time.

"Hey Sara!"

"Hey, I just wanted you to know that we're having a party tonight," she said.

"Wow. Thank you soooo much!" I said with a huge smile and mild excitement.

"Yeah, sure. I just wanted you to know that we'll be having a lot of people over pretty late. And we don't do this very often, just a couple of times a year. So we'll probably be outside eating and drinking late. I just wanted you to know."

"Oh, that is so thougthful of you. I really appreciate it." I felt like banging my head against the wall.

"You and Landon can come if you want. It's my birthday." she said.

"Thanks a lot Sara. Happy Birthday, and thanks again for letting us know about your party. Have fun!"

I felt like an idiot. I haven't been to a party in years and years. The whole hermitish lifestyle that I live I think is making me so strange. I realized that last week I didn't leave my house at all Wednesday and Thursday and Friday after a trip to Walmart and the grocery store I was determined to avoid leaving the house for the rest of the day - that was stressful! I'm a little concerned that i'm getting both socially awkward, and also completely desperate for any sort of human interaction - which isn't a good combo, really.


Brandon and Callie said...

hahahaha. these are awesome :) you can come and be socially awkward with me anytime!

aaron said...

ha, that is great. sometimes i feel like i get a bit socially awkward when i am books too much...

Anonymous said...

Are you sure she has a good vet, after all, both of them have died - ha ha

Anonymous said...

hmm, what is awkward about the last conversation? sounded normal to me :D

Lindsey said...

Okay, first of all WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU WALKING TO 7-11 AT 9PM ALONE FOR??? Second of all, remember that you are in Utah and you don't necessarily "fit in" with that crowd!
Awesome stories though! And no, you're not socially awkward, it's just Utah...haha!

Brooke Hereth said...

you? socially awkward? doesn't mix! weird stories though haha. I miss you!!