Monday, February 8, 2010

words of wisdom from the Rev. McB

Landon and I were talking about skiing last weekend. He mentioned that Superbowl Sunday is one of the best days of the year to ski because people are at home watching football so the slopes are empty. So we decided to skip church and spend a whole day on the mountain. And boy, was Landon right. The snow was great and we had an awesome time.

I am still very much getting my ski legs. I am still slow and apprehensive and over cautious and just not good yet. But Landon, who is actually an incredible skier, skis with me anyway. And at every bend he is waiting for me (even if I have been trying my darndest to keep up with him). And I always feel bad that he has to wait for me. I tell him to just go and we'll meet up for lunch later. But he says, "it's okay - waiting for your wife is a part of life". And I told him that if more men had that philosophy there would be much happier wives in the world!

One of the things that Landon consistently says every once in awhile is "marriage is about sacrifice". He always says this, of course, when he is making a sacrifice for me. And this weekend I presented Landon with my eco craft idea (the panty liners) once again and we made a little compromise about them and he gave me the go - then follows, "marriage is about sacrifice". He's great! So I had a hay-day putting together a few of those and getting to learn how to use my machine. My Singer has a foot that makes button-holes! And a foot that helps sew on buttons - how fun! So I have some very very pitiful looking sewing projects, but at least I am learning.