Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bringing the Outside In

Landon and I love the outdoors

We LOOOOOOVE being out of doors. 

Nature inspires us. 

Being in the wild.

Being WILD! 

It's part of who we are and what we live for

God's beautiful Earth!

And so, it would only be natural that our home would be filled with the wild things. Only that is trickier in the winter, isn't it? Without things growing to bring in and nurture and enjoy. But I try to bring a bit if this seasnon's beauty into our home to enjoy. And i'm not talking about snow.
My father made these amazing tealight holders for us for Christmas. My father is amazing with building things, and it's really special to me that he made something so precious and feminine and beautiful for me (and my sis) for Christmas. These are part of a fallen Aspen tree from his neighbor's yard. Now I get to bring Colorado Aspen into my house!

Landon found this antler. Coupled with a barky candle holder it works well as a book end!

These pheasant feathers are off the tail of some beautiful pheasant Landon killed a few years ago. The weeds, I pulled from the ground surrounding a lake across the street.

Pine cones from all over (Illiniois, Utah, Colorado - do you know that I like to take home my favorites?). They are currently sitting beside this painting in our family room. It's a wonderful wintery/autumn thing, to have pine cones at home.

This is my most recent craft (I've been so excited to share it with you!!). I collected these slices of wood from a trail beside the Des Plaines River in Illinois. They were doing some trail maintenance there and left these on the ground. I love that I can see the "rings" of the inside of the tree and even the crack that is consistent in each piece. These are just so beautiful, i think.  
I know the words-on-the-wall decor is very trendy right now. But i still think that mine is pretty unique!!


Brooke Hereth said...

all of those things are so cool and creative. i can't beleive you have that kind of stuff, so cool!

maggieinthemountains said...

Hannah,,,the first time I visited Colorado from Florida--I filled my bag home with rocks and pinecones! and decorated my bookshelf with them.
This post reminded me of this!

And I just finished a fun two hour hike in new snow! Yeah, outdoors!

Kristen said...

that is a very cute craft! You are very creative, way to go. And your Dad is talented too, i love those candle holders.

janelle said...

Hannah, your craft turned out great! I love it!

The Jardons said...

I love this craft!!!! It is sooooo stinking cute : )