Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thinking back on this night makes me happy.

But not as happy as thinking about these guys. I' m even putting dialogue in their mouths in my mind and it's hysterical.  Remember that we had issues with some people because you guys put beer in the burger meat?

What also makes me happy: the look on landon's face in the picture above....

And the look on the rest of the guys' faces in the picture below.

Some days I really miss those good 'ol college days when there was always someone to be with, somewhere to be, something to be done that was thrilling and new and significant. 

I wish we could be so carefree in this season.

But at least I am not now sitting home alone looking back on these pictures and remembering how my heart yearned for Landon and wondering where he is these days. In fact, he is just down stairs, in my house, sleeping in my bed, eating at my table, as my husband.

Now, that really makes me happy. 


Maryn Forney said...

i love this post - for so many reasons : ) and so glad he is YOURS now!

Brooke Hereth said...

AwwwWwwwww! So perfect! That is so sweet! Love the pictures :) so funny!

Kyle Collins said...

wow I look like I am 10 in this picture... really good memories, and I can totally rememeber that girl freakin out about the fact that the burgers were cooked with beer!

Cin said...

thumbs up to the apron. classy! :)