Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Food, Inc.

Yesterday was a proud day for me. My sister called me and told me that she has chosen to eat free-range. She told me that she watched Food, Inc. and though she was only half way through, she decided that she needed to take responsibility to buy ethically grown food. I was so grateful to hear that someone outside of our house would be compelled to live this way.

"But...", she said, "I'm afraid to dissect a chicken." Ha!

No fear, my dear, free-range chicken comes in breasts just like dirty chicken. You just have to pay for it!

Food, Inc.

Think about sustainable living. 
Think about responsible consumption. 
Think about stewardship of the earth; of its creatures. 
Think about our responsibility to our own health and the health of our family.

Yet again, I will remind you that I have an awesome tab on the sidebar of my blog brought to you by the "Eat Well Guide". Enter your zip code and they will provide local places for you to purchase your happy foods. 


Brooke Hereth said...

ok? :) love you!

Anna said...

Tell Janelle that if she switches to free range, she won't have to dissect chickens. She will opt not to eat it at all because you can't afford it. I know as well as you do! He he. I used to refuse to use whole chickens because they looked too much like little headless babies. But alas, on the off chance I get to use one, buy it whole and "dissect" it really fast without thinking about it. And I'm proud that I manage to use one chicken for at least three different meals. Breasts one night, thighs and legs another and then I boil the back and wings for broth for yet another night to be used in a soup. Go Janelle! Another one to the dark side. Good job Hannah.

janelle said...

Anna, I'm glad I can join you in the dark side. The good news is, is that I only cook for one - so maybe I could get six meals out of one chicken! That might make it more affordable.