Monday, May 4, 2009

things i'm loving lately

i used to do these posts every once in awhile and as i thought of what to write today, i was thinking about some of the things i'm enjoying and decided to do a "things i'm loving" post. these are fun. you should do one. i like reading yours too.
my Spring flowers!
I was afraid to post this at all because if you haven't read the Twilight series then you have no idea how fun they are. They're fun.
i got a new ipod for my birthday - my first one - four years old - died on me not long ago (it drowned in my purse on the way home from the gym - i didn't realized the top of my bottle wasn't screwed on. oopsie) but i'm FINALLY getting into the itunes side of the ipod. we had the same songs on our ipod that we loaded on it between 04 and 05 and that's it. i found out the fun of pod casts! this is so cool! i can listen to a sermon of andy stanley while i work out at the gym - and i don't have to pay for it! it just downloads automatically every week. sorry, you probably already know and enjoy all this. i just think it's so awesome.
chaco season is here! and i've acquired a new pair since last summer and i'm finally able to wear my chaco's again. in colorado i could wear my chacos year around but here, it is just not possible with the constant snow and frigid frigid temperatures. it's been awhile since i've got to wear my chaco's regularly, with last summer ending in a broken ankle and everything. it's great. actually in february i realized that my chaco tan was gone - my first time without the tan lines of chacos since before i discovered chacos in 2000. THAT is pathetic.
my bodum double walled, hand blown coffee mug. i'm drinking from it right now. it looks cool and doesn't burn my hands while it keeps my coffee hot. loving it. i got my dad some a few years ago, only they were beer glasses - they're even more awesome!

biolage. my mom and sis and i have been using biolage for the last.. 10 years at least. i get it for christmas from mom and try to use it sparingly so i can enjoy it all year, but i'm having a hard time conserving the conditioner this year. it's so great! it has the usually yummy biolage smell and makes my hair feel fantastic, but now it has mint so it makes my head tingle and makes me feel so refreshed in the shower! it's so subtle, though - it's not like a decongestant like some minty shampoos - it's just the perfect hint of mint. try it.

my new hair cut. pictures to come. it's really not that exciting - nothing major - landon didn't even notice. but it's a big enough change for me that it's fun and makes me feel just a little pretty sometimes.

also, rob pattinson's music. i'm having a hard time finding much of his stuff but the music that i have heard is great. he has a neat neat voice. i put one of his songs at the top of my play list on the right if you want to grab a listen.


Merritt said...

since the past few days have been full of sick kids and minimal sleep, this was a good pick-me-up! and a reminder to look at the positives! i'll be working on my own to post...

Hannah said...

i'm excited to read yours, merritt! sorry you're surrounded by sickies over there. i hope you ALL get some rest!

Brooke Hereth said...

i love all of those too! and the covergirl thing of drew baymoore