Monday, May 11, 2009

I love Spring in Illinois

Spring in Illinois brings warmer days with high humidity. The temperature is not hot enough for the humidity to be tormenting. Instead, it just makes the air smell so rich with the best scents of the earth's new life. And i really love that.

Everything is suddenly green! And the rivers flood like crazy with the rain. Though, the mosquitos are only now starting to hatch and fester, so these last few weeks of warmer weather and swollen rivers has been pest-free - a very rare and wonderful thing!

The beast
Good enough weather to finally take the bike out of the garage. Landon took his last ride on the yamaha and sold it to Aaron. Aaron drove it home to St. Louis yesterday. Bye bye bike.
Landon teasing Duvick - Duvick was so cute trying to run up the slide at the playground.
Landon watching Duvick chase after birds on the flooded field.
Swinging at the flooded playground!
I took a day in my weekend to do some recreational painting in my front lawn while the weather is so beautiful (and pest free). My butt got soaking wet, but i had SO much fun!
a momma birdy built her nest next to our front door. we feel so honored! (not sure what my landlord will think about it...)
me with a tree. i love trees.
with my ability to enjoy my evenings this last week (not having to go to bed early for Starbucks) and with the warmer weather, we have been having a lot of fires! love those.
Chacos have become necessary in these parts.
Landon's studying in the sunshine with some Chicago beer.


Anonymous said...

haha, those pictures of your dog, Duvick made me smile.

so... lindsey just told me who your dog was named after and i totally had him my freshman year of highschool at TCA. weird.

doons said...

Tjasha, Duvick was teaching in paris during your freshman year at TCA, and he's never taught high school. sorry:)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... well, perhaps there are two Dr. Duvicks that once lived in Paris and taught at UCCS... english and, eh, philosophy. Could be possible? :) I know my Dr. Duvick moved to Paris after working a mere semester/year with us. But then again, I could totally be mistaken. Small world if it is him though.
Happy moving to you both!