Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"i'm just looking"

i'm one of those shoppers.

i don't really GO shopping - especially without an agenda. i'll go if i'm with my mom or my sister. i don't like to go by myself. i never really buy anything and it's not really that fun to me when i'm alone. (okay for those of you who have known me for my entire life and not just these last 5 or 6 years this may be laughable to you - considering Mom used to buy me a new outfit (or 2 or 3) almost every friday. but i promise....things have changed...mostly because of my limited budged and my year in africa - those both can change your perspective fast).

but i like to look online sometimes in the evenings when i'm bored. there are websites that i browse just for fun, just looking. i actually never really buy anything online unless i'm buying a gift for someone. and there are certain shops that i browse that even if i would buy something, are way out of my price range. why is it still fun to browse?

please tell me that you do this? please?

here are a list of a few websites that i never intend to purchase anything from that i just LOVE to look at:

Shabby Apple


okay and of course, with this one, i enjoy browsing the MOST, and i actually do indulge myself now and then.
etsy....of course

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Merritt said...

so this post made me laugh! in my prior life, i used to enjoy "browsing" through the mall....talking with friends and just looking around. but now, there is absolutely nothing fun about halling 2 kids around the mall! plus, i have no money to spend! i will admit to lot of online looking though!!!