Wednesday, May 27, 2009

move it!

not sure what to write about. we just got home late last night from our long drive from GA back to Illinois. I squirm as we drive past Chicago every time and landon reminded me that this is the last time i have to drive through Chicago. so i savored the Chicago skyline in the dark rainy night. and i was relieved.

Today we are putting everything in boxes. tomorrow the moving truck arrives. it leaves friday. we leave saturday morning for Colorado. So we have 3 days to get the entire house packed and our life here wrapped up. No prob.

Our time in Georgia and Florida with family was amazing. I'm not sure what to say because there is so much! Once i get pictures, i'll post some for you with some more details. We'll be busy these next few days.

Folks, it's finally finished! Thank you for encouraging us in our season here in Illinois, it was challenging at times but had some great joys and lessons. we're gettin' out of here!

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