Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sweater addict

I am a sweater lover. I remember my first autumn away from colorado in the sunny state. 75degree "autumn" days and i was sweating in my sweater (weird, never noticed that "sweat" was in the word "sweater" - i named my teddy bear joyer because he brings joy, just like sweaters bring ....? sorry 'bout that - been awake for 12 hours now and haven't had lunch - makes me a little loopy - anyway...) and onlookers knew why, "are you from washington or something?" they would say (seriously - got this question all of the time!). "Colorado," i would reply. And they would give a sympathetic nod of understanding. Yep. Time to don the sweater. I needed it for my psyche and for my heart.

Growing up, the top things on my Christmas wishlist were CDs and sweaters. This year, ever since the leaves started changing, i've been wearing sweaters here in Illinois. Though, i am lucky - the weather here actually makes sweater-wearing VERY necessary.

Sweaters are so sweet, cozy, beautiful, and meaningful to me. Really, they are. Some of my sweaters have been handed down in my family - from my grandmother and my mother. I LOVE to wear these! Many of my sweaters have been gifts, and i often think of the gift giver when i pull the cuddly softness over my head and pup my hands through the sleeves. And when i wear my sweaters i remember special occasions that correlate with them (but us ladies do that with pretty much everything in our closet or jewelry box, don't we?).

And when Landon wears sweaters, wow - somebody better sweep me off of the floor! For some reason, it is just the hottest thing!

Last year when Landon was doing laundry (Landon does laundry!?! j/k babe) he shrunk 2 of my fav. sweaters. i was very bummed! any tips on how to unshrink them? my sister is an internet navigating queen so she found like 5 remedies for me. let's see.... i soaked them in water with hair conditioner and then stretched them back to normal size and layed them to dry. yeah, i donned one of them the other day and the kangaroo pouch could have doubled as a support bra. ha! i wore it anyway.
The cosby's


Anna said...

I can't tell if your posts are funny to me because... well they are funny or that there is some unknown similarity in your thoughts and mine. The main difference is that you have a blog to tell the world about it, and I read your blog and feel somewhat justified, if that makes any sense. I shouldn't read it so often. It makes me miss you terribly.

Anna said...

I forgot to mention that Justin has always made fun of me for having so many sweaters. But I grew up on the coast of GA and had no other excuse except for dreams of living in the mountains. :)

H. McBrayer said...

:)well now those sweaters will come in very handy!!! and so would coffee on those many winter mornings, by the way! i'm glad you enjoy the blog - and i'm glad we have so much in common.

Sara said...

I love that they always thought you were from Washington :) I've realized CO and WA really have a lot in common (other than no water other than rivers in one of them...) Bummed we won't be hanging out over Thanksgiving, but I need to email or call you about the week afterward when I'd love to stay with y'all for a night or two while I'm interviewing.