Friday, November 14, 2008

Falling from Fall

Fall fell far away. I fear that winter is here. Well, i actually love winter. Though here in Illinois it's a bit rough. Winter brings bitter bitter cold days (last winter Landonw as sipping a coke outside while he was talking on the phone with Pooks and after 15 minutes it was frozen solid...not kidding).
I woke one morning this week at 3:30 to find my windshield frozen over with ice and all the leaves that were on our mulberry tree dead on the ground - still fighting green. That was it. That was the end of autumn and the beginning of Illlinois winter. Here come cold, cloudy, wet days.

The snow here is longlasting. We love snow. We really do - there's not much you can do in winter without it (around here anyway). Even today Landon got out our skiis and made his plans to wax and oil them, i know as soon as we get our first good snow, we will be out in it.

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