Sunday, November 16, 2008

family video

Landon and I have certain things that we do that sort of are a waste of time on the internet - but we each enjoy them thoroughly. Mine is reading your blogs and scanning the latest crafts on etsy. Landon enjoys watching videos through youtube and ebaums world. So just about every evening i hear him laughing in the other room and he calls me in to sit on his lap and "watch this!". Last night it was this video. Food for our souls.
This short (2 min) video was put together by some of Landon's childhood buddies who are now filmmakers in New York (some of you know them - the Callner boys!). It is absolutely hilarious. It's shot on the property of Landon's childhood home. His parents still live there (his duncle is the guy with the shotgun). Can't you just imagine the kind of messes Landon and his siblings and friends could have gotten into growing up here?

We miss our Southern home and those there that we love.

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Lindsay Schneck said...

I LOVE this video! And I LOVE your blog! How cute are you??? So stylish :)