Saturday, November 29, 2008

McBrayer family jewels

Last year I posted a blog introducing you to my precious nieces and nephews (4 of them were born last year!). Well, they're a whole year older now and grow more and more precious!
Garrett and Crystal's baby girl, Greenlee(15 mos)

Brent and Merritt's kiddo's Griffin(12mos)and Avery(2 1/2yrs)

i've included videos of the others. they are so so short but i just think you get a glimpse of their unique and beautiful personalities with the videos:
Justin and Anna's youngest, Aeneas(19mos)

their oldest, Patrick(4 yrs), playing the "cello".

Peyton and Ann's baby girl, Addison(17mos).

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The Hereth's said...

They all look so young! They are much older now!