Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"Change has come to America"

I'm terrified.

But hopeful.

And i hope Obama is right...that the victory is really ours, and not just his. I hope he will be the man he says he is. I hope that this election will inspire our country. I hope that our nation will move into the future united. I hope he keeps his promises. I hope when he said "A new dawn of American leadership is at hand," that the leadership he speaks of will preserve the ideals and foundation of our country. I hope that having our government over dominated by the democratic party will bring about good change, and not just change.

I will tell you, this is not what i wanted. This is not who i thought would be the right man for the job. But he is it. This is our future.

I'm terrified.

But hopeful.


em said...

you and me both, sister! i find it scary how easy it is to agree with things he says in speeches and yet i want to think the best and wait with baited breath for wonderful change.

doons said...

i know one thing that wont change: millions of babies will be killed every year for at least the next 4 years.

Rich and Crystal said...

well put Hannah!

Anna said...

I am actually excited about the change and I never thought I would say that. I find a lot of the same feelings of fright and being terrified at the possibility of Palin being in the most powerful position in the world would McCain to die suddenly. I'm relishing in the thought that America won't continue being the nation ruled by some white man. I think our image both internally for our minorities and externally through out the world will position us to make lots of friends, and make a difference on so many fronts. This election will break down so many barriers. In all honesty, I think they both could have picked a million better candidates for the VP. Which is what makes me sick. It will be interesting to see what happens to this country in the next four years. Obama is certainly set up for failure with all the crap he is handed upon entering the presidency. If he turns it around, he will be a hero. One thing we can be certain of, we don't have to worry about a family tribe coming into our village and mowing us down with machine guns all because of our lineage! Thank God we are free of a lot of the devastation much of the world experiences!!!

Anna said...

JUSTIN says...

It seems to me that there was little point in voting McCain for pro-life reasons. There is no way he could have appointed an anti-Roe v. Wade justice with the Dems in control of the Senate. I suppose he would have followed Bush and kept federal funding for abortions to a minimum (unlike Obama), but it's plausible that this does very little to change the number of abortions that occur.

And even if McCain was *slightly* better than Obama wrt abortion, the fact that Obama is so much better in so many important areas (social justice, foreign policy, environment, energy, etc.), it still seems reasonable for a hard-core pro-lifer to vote Obamamania.

doons said...

What? Sure, mccain would have a hard time nominating judges that would meet the approval of the senate, but they would probably be much better with respect to abortion, not to mention lots of other things, than obama's apointments. and there is a good chance that he will make two and maybe three of them. thats huge.

but the supreme court is only part of the issue. obama has made it clear that he wants to repeal the ban on partial-birth abortions with the "freedom of choice act" (which presumably mccain would veto), that he wants to strike down state laws requiring parental notification for abortions, and that he wants more shillingi from the tax-payers to pay for abortions for women who cant afford them!! if abortion ranks high on your list of important issues, there is nobody worse than obama that could be in office.

Anna said...

Justin (again) said:

Doons, a good portion of that is just not true.

First, Nancy Pelosi has said--in no uncertain terms--that no supreme nominee would get through the senate unless he or she verified under oath during the appointment hearing that he or she would not overturn Roe v. Wade. So McCain wouldn't have been able to change the constitution of the court wrt Roe v. Wade.

Second, Obama's record on the partial birth stuff has been totally skewed by the Gary Bauers of the world. He even said in the final debate that he would be in favor of making partial birth abortions illegal (at the federal level) if an exception were made for the life of the mother.

Third, while it's true that Obama will likely increase federal aid for abortions (as I conceded above), I think it's deeply implausible to think that this will have any effect on the number of abortions that actually occur. I mean, who goes to the clinic to get an abortion and then decides against it b/c it's too expensive? Ha!

doons said...

come on, i know that mccain would never get judges through that would overturn roe. v wade. what i said was admittedly vague--"they would be much better with respect to abortion..." in other words, they wouldnt be so 'radical' as to make crazy laws wrt partial birth abortion, denying health care to babies born from botched abortions, etc. it would be no suprise if obama's appointments are of just that sort.

and im not sure his record has been skewed by bauer et al. and, by the way, what he says is not much of an indication of his record. and you cant be president and vote 'present' on things that are above your pay grade. i once had a link to obamas record on abortion stuff, and its obvious that he has no qualms with pba's, regardless of what he says in a debate. obama is a sophist, and some of the things he says dont match his record (likewise with mccain?), and abortion is one of them.

finally, probably lots of people would get abortions if they knew they could afford it. just ask brent about the women who came into his ghetto greenville hospital to get free heathcare for childbirth that would have aborted if they could have afforded it. i assume that the reason people lobby for more federal aid for abortion is that people want it and would use it. why else would they do it? move convo to email