Monday, June 2, 2008


Thanks to Justin and Anna who found and mailed my digital camera accessories (yay!), you will finally get to see the promised pictures from our time with McBrayers. I have now discovered that most of them are of our dog, but you'll still get a good idea. I will work a bit to get those pictures put together. While you're waiting, please enjoy the most recent flowers from my garden :)

Lilacs up above (much to Landon's dismay, i used HIS cereal bowl for my dirty dieing things).

See tulips and daffodils (and the VERY green tile in our bathroom). Just LOVE these flowers!


Sara said...

Aaah, i just LOVE fresh flowers in houses. They make me so happy. If only we had some growing outside because they are too expensive to buy at the store! We do have a tomato and basil plant, but i don't think they'd look good in a vase ;) I love your new picture at the top of the blog. You are such a good photographer!

H. McBrayer said...

Sara, your tomato plant and basil sound lovely! the most yummy garden combination i could think of! i am the same about fresh flowers - i LOVE to have them in the house but DO NOT buy them at the store. miss you!