Sunday, June 8, 2008

Last stop: Columbia, Missouri - Justin's graduation!

sorry it has taken me so very long to complete these posts from our trip. well, this one is the last one. I was amazed at Justin and Anna. In the same weekend, they celebrated Justin's graduation, threw a huge party with people from all walks of life in their own backyard. Around these events, they were having a mondo garage sale, were hosting 6 people in their own home, and were getting everything in their storage unit, as they had to be out of their house permanently at 5pm Sunday evening. Wow - pretty ambitious! Despite all that they had going on, they were intentional to spend some real quality time with their friends and family who had traveled far to celebrate with them.

We are so proud of Justin! What an accomplishment - "Dr. McBrayer".

And i can't help but be amazed at Anna as she has been working her butt off at farm journal (among other places) as well as birthing (and MOTHERING) two boys these last 4 years. I am simply amazed at them, and am so inspired as Landon and i have only just begun that journey.

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