Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wedding in NC

Unfortunately, i left my camera in the car for the wedding weekend. These pictures are all thanks to Merritt.

Landon and I were really honored to take part in their wedding, as he was asked to stand as a groomsman and i enjoyed singing in their ceremony. I didn't post any pictures of us here because i already did a few weeks ago!

See the most recent pictures of the McBrayer families!!! can you tell that we've had a year FULL of new babies!?

Brent, Merritt, Avery and Griffin

Peyton, Ann, and Addison

Garrett, Crystal, and Greenlee

Justin, Anna, Patrick and Aeneas

Charleen, Mike, Preston, Haley, Garrett

This video of Pooks and Leeann's dance best captures them, i think: take the time to watch at least half of it - they're pretty creative!

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