Monday, June 16, 2008

Flooded forest + our canoe = awesome afternoon!

this is the first snapping turtle i've ever seen. wow! he was ferocious too!

EDIT: Apparentely i missed some better pictures from our weekend, so i'm adding them here:
snapping turtle snapping at the canoe paddle

just so you can see how big that guy was.

neat picture of the woods and the water. Can you tell how annoying it can be to have duvi in the canoe with us - do you think we're just a bit tilted to the right?

through the reeds.

"hey, that would be an awesome log to 'lumberjack'!" not quite. but still an adventure.

we are literally canoeing on the same trail that we have run/walked/skied numerous times! FYI: these are the SAME woods that flooded and froze over during our winter here

i could get used to this.

my boys.

maneuvering through the trees was a challenge (we were covered in spider webs), but it was really beautiful. i had the "kiss 'da girl" song from the little mermaid stuck in my head the whole time.

isn't he awesome?

just chillin with my canoe on a park bench.

a normal day.


Lindsey said...

it looks like you guys are in some tropical rainforest!

H. McBrayer said...

I KNOW!!! i told landon that i felt like i was on the amazon or something. pretty weird how vegetatious (prob. not a word) everywhere else is compared to colorado.

em said...

that is favorite is the park bench-you're so hilarious!!

Denae and Josh said...

that is crazy! looks like fun. can't wait to see you!

Haley said...

cool pictures! i just caught up on the last several months of your blog. i wish we saw y'all more. i'm trying to set up a blog and can't seem to figure out how to post something. also, i just got the most recent relevant. it has been one of my favorite christmas presents!

crystal noelle said...

agh! That looks like so much fun! I wish you guys lived closer so we could go with you guys. Our kayaks are disappointed with us lately :(