Monday, June 30, 2008


Just a peek of Colorado Springs
Agia Sofia: my favorite coffeeshop in Colorado Springs. This is where we went for our meetings on Thursday.
a week and a half ago i flew to colorado. i had meetings with my team at ACSI Headquarters. I left last may - so it had been a bit over a year since i was back there, and since i've been involved in meetings. It was so refreshing. God really used that time with the ladies on my team to rejuvinate me. Sometimes i feel like i'm all alone out here just drummin' away at the computer answering emails and not really being a part of the "big picture" of ACSI. Sometimes i feel like i just run this tiny program that nobody else wants to deal with. Well, the ladies on my team made me feel like i am very much a part of what is going on and that sponsorship is an important part of what ACSI is doing around the world. I was encouraged. I got to spend a few days doing meetings with the wonderful ladies on my team and i got to stay with britta and travis in colorado springs!

Saturday and Sunday morning i got to be with my family in littleton. Just a short time to get to be with them. I came home really encourage and blessed. I love Colorado and those there that are so instrumental in my life.


FOKUS Events said...

I love Agia Sophia! Such a great place, man I can't wait to get back...

Brandon and Callie said...

brandon and i love that place too! thanks for the little glimpse of home:)