Wednesday, July 2, 2008

just Tuesday

Every Tuesday Landon works at Erehwon all day. I got yesterday off at Starbucks so i had the opportunity to tirelessly work for ACSI. It was a blessing. And i also got to spend the evening with little Duvi. We went running on the trail and then i came home and hosed him off (it was HOT and he was panting like crazy!) I taught him tag - i had to keep myself moving because i used the rest of the bug spray Monday - didn't want to sit still or i woulda been happy hour!
Then I introduced Duvi to a childhood love of mine: soccer!
This is where duvi sometimes sleeps in the hot summer days. little digger.
This is our rock path through the yard. My favorite part of the yard is where the grass no longer grows - it looks more wild - i like it!

My climbing roses are finally abloom. I had no idea if they would ever bloom. We have three of these around our house and they are all this beautiful pink!
Landon cleaned out the front gutters earlier this summer because i was noticing the rain water falling into my window baskets - i didn't even know we had gutters on the back of our house until we noticed the LIFE coming from them. Lindsey said, "did you gguys plant those?" hehe.<

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Lindsey said...

duvi barely has the ball in his mouth!