Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"grab your fly-swatter and smack away at my head..."

hey y'all, thanks for your sweet comments on my last post. so grateful for you - my friends!

I'm listening to my "Celtic" play list right now. i listen to Celtic music often while i work. and i have my ginger candle burning - it creates a great atmosphere for some serious work to be done. well, besides the window AC unit just 3.5 feet to my left blowing numbingly cold on my left shoulder and cheek. well, it is evening and our afternoon sun sent the temperatures in my house soaring!

well guys, we still have bug issues - though these are more of a flying variety. i try to think back on our time in Africa in order to keep my sanity about these things. i have just gone weak and wussy this past year i guess.

Here is a quote from our blog in africa:

When it rains, we get these terrible, monstrous flying termites that fly around the lights. They are so stupid, after about 15 minutes of colliding into everything (Landon thinks they might be blind), their wings fall off and then they crawl around on the ground. They're not little white ants, like the other termites we have, they're really big and brown. I think they are the most disgusting bugs we have here. They come out of nowhere when it rains, in multitudes! Truly. People here eat them. Once their wings fall off, they fry them up - i hear it is much like popcorn. Last night, Landon asked me to make him some....oh. my. gosh. I am not cooking those bugs in my kitchen, even if it is culture. AH! nasty little terrors. That's how i feel about that.

okay, so now imagine a warmer and more humid climate... and a really old little house... and a wife going on nights in a row of 5 hours of sleep (see me!). the other day i was at my wit's end! okay - just to preface - i am not afraid of bugs - i'm not! welp, we're starting to get flying ants in our home. though the only place that i see them is in the SHOWER! eek! they are big and kind of long and just crawl around on the bathroom window and pretty much just on the floor of the shower, crawling on top of one another - they never actually fly. i have no idea where they come from. i've poured piping hot water down the shower drain and lots of chlorine beach! but still they are there every time i'm standing there naked ready to shower... they are there!

also. i know you know: mosquitoes. we have some pretty major issues with mosquitoes last fall after the flooding. we have had similar issues this year after the major flooding that has been in the mid-west. we even had the bug-truck drive through our village to spray for mosquitoes. that helped a bit. whenever i go outside in the evening, there is always a mosquito on duvi's sweet little brown face - usually between his eyes. he has no clue, but just runs to me shaking his tail and looking at me like, "momma, pet me! pet me!" and i get so mad when i look down and see a glutenous leach on his nose! when i smash it on duvi's face, duvi blood gives him a streak up his nose onto his fuzzy head. gross. they're worse on the trail where we go running. 2 weeks ago landon brought home 25% deet bug spray - we have just about used the whole can - but that stuff actually works!

when we lived in kenya, before we went to sleep we would walk though our room and shake out the clothes in our closet to send the mosquitoes flying so we could kill them - otherwise they would bother us all night and we'd wake with bites on our faces. here we do a similar thing. we rather enjoy swatting and smashing mosquitoes. though one of landon's pet peeves these days is when i smash a mosquito and leave the blood on the walls (not too unreasonable of him, i know). well, i'm really sensitive to mosquito spit and when they bite me i get these weltish bumps. hate those guys. actually the other evening (probably after days in a row of opening at 'bucks - i just remember i was exhausted), i couldn't get the mosquitoes from flying around my face and after shaking my head violently several times and swatting around my head for 5 minutes, i just looked at landon and started crying , "i think you're having an emotional breakdown" he said. he was probably right.

one bug that i REALLY like finding in our house is lightning bugs! i love it at night when they fly around in the room. they're bigger than mosquitoes or flying ants, but they are so magical and beautiful! and landon says that they eat mosquitoes. i'm contemplating herding them into the hall closet and letting them into the corridor of our house in the evening to protect us from mosquito-demons. yet, i've gotten really good at smashing mosquitoes with my hands.

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