Friday, July 11, 2008

Cafe' lan 'don

landon was our resident chef this week. which was great. landon is much more creative (and gifted and talented and skilled and learned and just more awesome) at preparing dinner. Though, i have to say that i've gotten a lot lot of experience these last 3 1/2 years. But with landon being done with his summer class now and having about another month until his fall semester starts, he's cooking at home and i LOVE it! The best thing on the menu this week: SUSHI!
Landon used to tell me that he liked to make sushi (i didn't ever believe him, so this week he decided to prove it!) it was so yummy. here's him teaching me.

and here is the finished project. as you can see, our key ingredients (besides rice and sea weed) are crab (or "crab flavored protein" - sounds gross but it was good), avocado, carrots and cucumber.

and enjoying my sushi in soy and wasabi with chop sticks. i know i've been up for 15 hours in this picture. geez, i really have no idea that i actually let myself get to looking like this until i see far too many pictures of myself looking tired and much too....blech. i know you're jealous of our kitchen wallpaper!

thanks, hubby, for your delightful scrumptiousness that goes far beyond the kitchen!

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em said...

ok YUM...good job making it! that is one of my favorite things about seattle is that there's sushi everywhere :)