Friday, June 27, 2008

a friend in gurnee

Lindsey just left today.It was so wonderful to have a dear friend come to visit. Landon and i do not get many visitors and we are SO blessed to have had our good friend Lindsey stay with us for a few nights. It's really refreshing to talk with someone with similar interests in the outdoors. Landon taught Lindsey to climb when we returned from Africa 2 years ago and she has since become a really incredible climber. Besides being a colorado native, in her last year at seminary studying philosophy this year, and working at an outdoors store, "we" have tons else in common. We met in college at campus crusade for christ and she played football with landon at UCCS. Linds and i took a few classes together. When i would spend evenings pining over Landon, SHE was the one that said, "just see, you two will be married one day". Gosh, i wish she'd let me know when to expect some off-spring! i might just trust her prediction.

Thanks for paying us a visit, Linds, i know it was a sacrifice and it was SO special for us to get to see you in our neighborhood of "gurney".

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Lindsey said...

gosh...who is that ripped chick there with Duvick? she is hot...