Friday, May 30, 2008

Wow. We had a HUGE windstorm this afternoon. I have never, never, never seen trees so side-ways! I woke from my post-starbucks-nap to a police car and firetruck in front of my neighbor's house with the surrounding neighbors standing on their curbs looking concerned. Landon and I soon realized that a huge section of the tree in our back yard (sorry!) had fallen on their driveway and with it, took the powerlines to their house. Our powerlines are also grounded out back (so duvi is inside - no worries). Yet,somehow we have plenty of power right now. Landon is so sweet to think that we should offer to have our neighbors stay with us today until the ComEd people come to repair their line. I was thinking, "what!?! we used to go days without power and we were absolutely fine. the weather's warm (and dry) and it's sunny - nothing debilitating.). wow, i'm pretty uncompassionate and landon is much more the sweeter one around here. but if by dinner time there still is no power for them, i will surely extend our home.

i have also been completely terrified of the prospect of tornadoes around here. i know it is such a possibility. but after some praying and realizing that our house is like 50 years old and the trees outside are like 80 years old, it seems this part of illinois has probably withstood some fierce winds and lightning each year without being taken out by a tornado. that's hopeful.

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Maryn Hill said...

hannah, in your honor i planted a small forest right outside the monument area....i named it "mcbrayer ville". this should make up for my pollution this summer with travels = ) xoxoxo