Monday, May 26, 2008

the perfect weekend

Wow, what a wonderful weekend.

My boss asked me not to come into work - they actually scheduled too many people - awesome! I woke up feeling pretty cruddy (catching somethin' nasty), so i thought to take it easy. I went to Panera and wrote in my journal, read my Bible, bottom-less coffee and spinach mornings are spent this way. Then i headed to walmart where i bought flowers for my garden (thanks Janelle!). I seriously spent about an hour perusing the 12 varieties of flowers. I couldn't make up my mind as far as which colors i should get and what would go with what and where and how many flowers i needed to fill which pots. i pretty much applied flower-science that i somehow learned from my mother - at least, her words were going through my head as i searched out the perfect flowers for my garden.

Then i stopped at starbucks on my way out of walmart (it seriously had been at least 3 hours since my previous coffee) and bought a frap light to sip on while i sat in the sun and planted my flowers. i have two window-boxes and one huge pot for flowers. so only 3 arrangements. i put light and purplish-pink petunias in the window boxes and then (inspired by my grandmother) i put an assortment of red, white and blue flowers in my ginormous circular pot! of course, i had to buy some greenery and begin with tall flowers in the center (learned this from mom) and i even have some greenery that will eventually drape over the edge of the pot. i'm hoping these actually live - i bought flowers THIS TIME that are actually SUPPOSED to be in pots, not in the ground!

Then I got to talk to Britta on the phone for awhile - i never get to talk to her - that was therapy to my heart!

note: Landon worked all day Saturday, so his weekend wasn't as perfect

i woke at 8:30 and took Duvi on a run through the woods. We were the only ones out there and it was wonderful. Then i had breakfast outside where i got to sit in the sun forever and take my time enjoying the day. Still feeling sick, i took a 2 1/2 hour nap. That was nice (missed church...again).

Landon and I just got a roof-rack on the Passat for long canoeing journeys. So we decided to hit it to the river! We parked his car at the highschool across the street where there is a canoe launch - this would be the end of our trip and then we drove up north a bit in the Passat with the canoe on top and put-in up the river a few miles. We floated down the river for a good 3-4 hours i think. It was beautiful! I can't believe how people out here aren't swamping these wooded trails and rivers - i feel like whenever we're out there we are in a place of such solitude. what does everyone else do all day?

anyways, we floated down the river where we only had to portage twice (i got eaten alive by the mosquitoes in the woods). Landon is amazing at maneuvering our canoe through the river - he was ingenious at how to get us out of sticky situations and when i should paddle or stop paddling or paddle left or right (i have no clue how to work the thing!). We enjoyed spitting sunflower seeds and watched herons, ducks, beaver, muskrat, deer, etc... (we left duvi at home this time). it was so beautiful to float beneath the trees through our town - a beautiful wilderness!

then we went to chilli's for dinner and then to the pier to a local ice cream shop where we got complimentary ice cream! it was delicious!

I felt so spoiled to have Landon all to myself for this day of fun!


em said...

sounds like a perfect weekend-minus being sick! you are soakin' up life in Gurnee and I love it! so inspiring...

crystal noelle said...

so fun.