Wednesday, March 26, 2008

McBrayers in K-tucky

Landon and I spent our Easter and the end of last week with all the McBrayer siblings and spouses in kentucky. It was SO GREAT to get to be together! There were no babies, and Landon's parents weren't there either - just us "kids"! Haley brought her boyfriend and Preston brought his fiance, so for the first time, every one of us had a significant other = 14 people! We had a blast.

We met at The Land Between The Lakes national recreation center near paducah. where we got to spend time smoking cigars, talking, playing games, viewing wild elk, turkey, bison, deer, and a bald eagle! we also spent a lot of time around the camp fire, and eating our excuisite cuisine prepared by justin, and landon (and others).

i'm sorry there are no pictures - i left my camera battery charging in our kitchen the entire time we were gone. pretty sure it's got a full charge now!

on our way (which was not on the way) to kentucky, we stopped by justin and anna's house in columbia, Missouri where we got to see our precious, precious, precious nephews! we love them dearly and wish we could bless them with little cousins to beat up.

another hilight of our trip was receiving our canoe! Our camp spot was right on the edge of a lake, so we got to take our canoe into the water several times. that was fun.

all in all, we were SOOO blessed to get to be with family finally! It was amazing to all get to be together - the first time that has happened since Christmas of 06 - and some members have been added since then. Next time we will all be together is Preston and LeeAnn's wedding in North Carolina in May - not too far off!

So that's about it.

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