Sunday, March 30, 2008

Friday with the Evangelical Philosophical Society

Friday, Landon had the honor of sharing one of his papers at the Evangelical Philosophical Society annual conference in Chicago. His paper ("Dualism, Constitution, and the Resurrection of the Dead") was chosen from many papers that were submitted to the conference. Quite honestly, he was one of only 2 grad. students who were chosen to present papers. The majority of the other teachers/speakers/paper-givers were established philosophers/theologians with their Ph.D's actively teaching at universities. So, it was a great honor for landon to be chosen.

He did an amazing job! Since some of you have voiced to me that Landon seems to be a bit of an introvert and you can't picture him in this setting, i wish i could explain this better. Landon is a wonderful teacher. Be it rock climbing, politics, or philosophy, he is articulate and patient. Every other presenter we saw pretty-much read their paper word-for-word. Landon didn't read his paper at all, but rather, put together a talk where he taught and discussed the points in his paper to his hearers. The people around me were nodding, grunting in admonition, and frantically writing notes as Landon presented his arguments and points.

When he was done with his 25 minute talk, those who came to listen to him had a chance to ask questions. Landon had his hearers so engaged, many people wanted to question and comment at the end of the talk. People were so interested in his topic! I was so proud of him! You would have been too.

In the next few weeks, Landon is presenting 2 more times at conferences. So please keep him in your prayers as he plans for these while still working at Erehwon and keeping on top of all of his classes. He is also a bit under the weather. Your prayers are most welcome! In April, he will even be flying to New York to present the same paper he gave Friday. And next week in his paper, he is attacking an argument by the person that just so happens to be the key speaker for the conference - that should be interesting. (I think that's right - i can't keep all of these straight!) I'll let you know how those go.

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