Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Greener grocery shopping

I was so excited today! Today was the first time EVER that i have been able to go to the grocery store and use ONLY my own bags (made from post-recycled materials). It has taken me awhile to accumulate enough "grocery bags" for me to be able to put the entirety of my groceries in them instead of using some plastic bags.

There is so much we can do to help the environment and be better stewards of the earth (beyond changing our light-bulbs to the more energy efficient type)- it is so simple!

I have been so inspired by many of my family members: both McBrayer and Sheely. here are some ideas that have been implemented within our family:

1. use cloth napkins instead of paper napkins. each person is designated their napkin for the week - you have assigned seats at your house anyway! if not, just color-code!

2. do away with using paper towels when cleaning. use sponges and wash clothes as much as possible - these can be washed and used again.

3. reuse water bottles and paper bags. also, i reuse ziplocks - just wash them with the rest of my dishes and hang them to dry.

4. because i drink coffee EVERY DAY, i bring my own mug to starbucks (they will charge for a grande size usually) - i save SO much paper and plastic without using their cups. also, if i do use their cup, i never use a sleeve - those things are useless.

5. recycle, recycle, recycle. there are a lot of things that are recyclable that you usually wouldn't think about. like those worthless bags that you put your produce in at the store.

6. we only buy organic milk that is made from local cows - cuts down on the pollution to get it from the farm to my supermarket to my fridge.
7. absolutely refuse to use Styrofoam

okay, those are just some of the ideas that i could remember are being implemented in my family. do you have any ideas or anything you are doing? PLEASE SHARE!!!

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Lindsay Schneck said...

you are so good! and i am so not! we use disposable diapers too....yikes... i know they are the worst :) keep the suggestions coming!