Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Starbucks - "where everybody knows your name"

So far, this has been a week of new FRIENDS!!!

One of my regulars at Starbucks told me that she feels like we are her "Cheers". I LOVE that we can be that place for those who frequent often. When i was in college, i had a starbucks down the street that was "my starbucks". i loved the employees and they knew my name and what i wanted to drink (and often gave it to me for free). They also began to spend time with me outside of starbucks - seeing movies or coming to campus crusade. They were my starbucks family - i loved going to see them and i felt so cared for when i was there (spent many hours studying and meeting with ladies at this starbucks!). I think because i had such a wonderful experience at starbucks as a customer, i feel a great priviledge in treating our customers with special care. When many of my customers hear my voice through the drive-thru speaker, they say, "Hannah! It's me!". of course, because i have many regulars that say this, i'm always thinking - "who's YOU?" But i LOVE that these customers feel like they are my ONE special customer - that when they exclaim that "it's me" that i would know who they are. Some of them, i know why they are and what they drink right away (i'm trying to memorize voices with cars...on top of names and drinks). So... I'm honored to work at Starbucks and interact with our wonderful customers DAILY.

On top of that, our store just hired a new lady. She is my age and just got back from 2 years of missionary work in South Africa. Oh, i am so thankful for her, and am so grateful for the prayers of those who have been praying for a friend in my life. Someone to help carry the burden (and joy!) of showing the love of Christ to our customers and especially our co-workers. She came over for dinner Monday night and was our first non-relative visitor! She brought pictures from Africa and we talked about the joys of Africa and the difficulty in coming "home". I hope to support her as i remember the challenge of returning home to find a place that is so different and to find that you, yourself have been seriously changed by Africa, yet those around you think you are who you used to be. I'm excited to get to know her better.

Last night we had someone else over for dinner! (we're on a roll!) One of Landon's classmates who is ALSO from Georgia and who is ALSO a rock climber. It was wonderful to have him over. It was fun to hear he and Landon talk about philosophy and about their classes and reading material. Of course, much was discussed about georgia and rock climbing as well. Really fun time.

We are so grateful to God for bringing friends into our lives - we have been so lonely at times! God is so faithful.

Landon is "enjoying" his spring break this week. packed full of taxes, fixing his car, reading for class, writing a paper, working, and tons more taxes, he is kept really busy. but i have loved having him near while i'm working at home. He was still awake this morning when i woke to go to work and was so sweet - he made me breakfast! what a wonderful husband - even to make me breakfast while i'm groggy at 3:30am. Right now, he's catching up on some rest :)


Lindsey said...

spring break...already???? crazy! is this rock climber from Georgia single??? lol

em said...

praise God for those little moments when we get to glimpse him through new friends or even just coffee-what a ministry you have-and i am certain you bring much joy to that particular starbucks-i kinda wish that i got to drive through and say, "hannah, it's me!" i would cheat through and tell you what my car is at least ;)...

Brianne Michelle said...

HANNAH! I love your posts. I love listening to how your life is. I love looking at your pictures AND I LOVE THAT YOU AND LANDON HAVE HAD FRIENDS OVER.

i miss you so much:( Are you planning on visiting c springs anytime soon?!