Saturday, March 1, 2008

just a taste of our life...

One day I came home from Bible study and found this sitting on my couch:

HOT STUFF - 'nough said.

And this winter has been SO cold. I thought that when i saw pictures of iced-over windows in winter scenes, that they were only idealic but not realistic. I woke one morning and winter screamed, "is this realistic enough for you?!"

..."yes, thanks"


Sara said...

I know what you mean about the iced over windows yet, but it has been a brutal winter, even down here! I am so ready for spring! But this weekend was gorgeous here! Did it warm up in Chicago as well? Hope you guys are doing well!

H. McBrayer said...

thanks for the comment! we miss you guys! it did warm up this weekend. we took duvick on a walk through the woods and were walking through slush the whole way! i'm hoping it will stay warm enough to melt the snow! i'm ready for spring too!