Sunday, January 27, 2008

Find me in the River

So, Landon and I have just made a purchase that will raise the morale around here! Though Illinois is the flattest place i've ever lived, leaving us much deprived of our most enjoyed outdoor activities, it has more water than any place i've ever lived (we live in "lake county"). Though Landon is a master on the water: kayaking, canoeing, rafting, skiing, hunting, etc., etc., i am completely lost. Besides the knowledge of how to keep myself from drowning, and some occasional stream fishing, i am beside myself. Soooooo, this should be quite an adventure!
Picture us in our new canoe, with Duvi in the middle, enjoying the "beauty" of a snow-less Illinois. I think that when the heat deprives us of cross-country skiing weather, we will welcome the newly thawed rivers with elation! I don't think we'll actually HAVE the canoe until March (Landon's brother is going to bring it to us from NC when we join the whole McBrayer clan in the Ozarks in March for a river float trip). So, yay!

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