Friday, January 18, 2008

For he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good .....

Landon's 26th birthday is tomorrow! As he and i both work long days on saturdays, we celebrated his birthday this Tuesday. There is this old tavern in Downtown Chicago (Schubas) that has live music every night. We hardly ever make a chance to go to Chicago, so we were excited to make our way down there. We left the house at 2pm, even though we weren't planning on being to Schubas until 8 (Chicago traffic is enough to ruin an evening). So we had plenty of time for beer/hot cocoa and appetizers, dinner at an Indian restaurant, and Starbucks before we headed down to Schubas. Schubas was just about empty when we got there. I had bought our tickets online so we were so prepared! It was a very cheap concert and a REALLY INCREDIBLE band: Old School Freight Train. Just caught a picture of Wrigley Field as we were driving by on Clark St. on our way to a great local Indian restaurant.
It was wonderful to celebrate Landon's birthday downtown Chicago. Happy birthday dear husband!

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FOKUS Events said...

Happy Birthday Landon, Blessings!