Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sweater Re-creation

Isn't the color of this sweater beautiful?

I love the color.

The sweater itself, however, I've grown a little apart from. It's thin (not as warm as I would like) and itchy and about 10 years old. I couldn't figure out why I still own it. I usually thrift my clothes often, and somehow this sweater is still in my possession. I remembered why I had kept it when the husband saw me thrusting scissors through the middle of it and said, "hey, that's my favorite sweater of yours". oh, whoops, no wonder it's still in my closet.

I did destroy that sweater last night.

And here is what it became:

Leg Warmers
 these used to be the sleeves 
 I got this idea from Mountaingirlclothing's etsy shop. She makes a ton of these.
I used the seam around the wrist of the sleeve to hold up the sock above the knee and I just sent a zig-zag seam around the top of the sleeve, which is what you see around my ankle here. It works nicely.

well, yeah. they look pretty funky. but i loooooove me some mittens, and I only have one pair that's not made for snow-contact. these will be just a little kiss of warmth during cool winter drives.
It was easy. I just traced my hand on a piece of paper and then cut through BOTH layers of the sweater's body with a seam allowance. I turned the pretty sides to the inside and stitched. That was it.

Hair Rosette
I'm trying to make hair embellishments with almost every type of fabric I can these days. It's fun to try new things. I like the idea of having some sweater love in my hair. 


kris said...

Oh I love it. You are amazing!

Brooke Hereth said...

Your just the best person in the world!