Monday, November 1, 2010

An Autumn Wreath

My mother bought me the prettiest Autumn wreath while she was in town a month ago. It looks so wonderful and welcoming on my front door. However, the husband and I rarely use the front door because our garage is in the back of the house. So, I've wanted a little Autumn wreath that would welcome us into our home. Mom and I started on this wreath project while she was in town trying to make felt flowers. I wasn't pleased with my limited creativity and shelved the project for awhile. This weekend, I put together some flowers and finished the wreath. It just took a few minutes. I just needed to sit down and stick to it.

I've seen these adorable little fabric-wrapped flowers all over the blogosphere and in etsy shops. I've always wanted to attempt my own, and I finally did with this project. I think I could definitely improve in my technique. Like, I would like to do it without the glue - the hot glue is difficult to hide, however hard I try. 

I found an encouraging tutorial on how to make these sweet little flowers. I've looked and couldn't find it to share with you, so sorry about that. But they are everywhere - search YouTube. I decided to stick a little wooden bead in mine to add a little earthiness (usually you start with a knot at the end of the fabric)

Doons brought home some buckeyes that he found on campus and I have been wanting to find a place to put some of them. I love them on this wreath. I used three different fabrics for the flowers: The reddish ones are canvas, the green are a knit and the brown flower is regular cotton. 

Our back door is made of solid wood - a rare thing these days.  I didn't have a wreath holder for the door so I just took some left over canvas fabric and tacked it to the top of the door to hang the wreath. As you can see, I was dumb and glued the flowers beside (instead of over the top of) the part where the ribbon overlaps. Oh well. I still love it.


kris said...

I really like how your flowers turned out.

Brooke Hereth said...

so welcoming! :)